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Rumors of Adobe releasing CS2 for free? (true or NOT true)

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Carol Haynes:
Makes you REALLY confident in Adobe Activation servers (and activation servers in general!!!)

...we issued a serial number directly to those customers...
--- End quote ---
-tomos (January 14, 2013, 06:46 AM)
--- End quote ---

...doesn't sound quite right either. Wouldn't "issuing directly" mean that it is only accessible to "those customers", rather than everyone in the world and his dog?

You will want to have a valid license
--- End quote --- also an interesting use of the English language. It doesn't quite mean the same thing as "you must have a valid licence." Plus the fine distinction between "having a valid licence" and "having a valid serial number" might get lost on non-geeks and those without a legal background...

^ yes, there is a certain amount of uncertainty even there.

Also, I was wondering had they delayed uploading the remaining titles because they were looking to find a more secure way of doing it. Or maybe it's just incompetence...


64-bit Win 7


It looks like Adobe have updated the page, adding a message of clarification about the policy:

The serial numbers below should only be used by customers who legitimately purchased CS2 or Acrobat 7 and need to maintain their current use of these products.
--- End quote ---

At the same time they've removed Acrobat Pro 8 and Photoshop Elements 5.0 from the list and added After Effects. There must be a reason...


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