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trying to print with Screen Captor to no avail

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  I am back with same general problem. Printer will work on all applications except Screen Captor. If I pick the printer icon, I get this message, "Printer selected not valid". If I choose "file, print screenshot", I get this message, "Operation not supported on selected printer". Can I not print directly from Screen Captor screen or must I save to clipboard or notepad first? I hope not.
How do I "select printer"?
I am running windows 8 and using a Lexmark X6575 AIO. Printer works fine for all other applications.
Please advise.

Works fine on my Win 8 machine with a Lexmark x7675 AOI.  After you click File, Print Screenshot, click the Print Setup... button in the middle and you can select a printer and settings in the normal dialog.

I am not given that screen to pick a printer. After picking 'print screenshot" it goes right to the error message. It is as though something did not get loaded at setup.

Hi rcb, it definitely sounds like a bug in screenshot captor -- give me a day or two and i will have a new build and try to fix the problem.

From what x16wda says, it's clear that it's not a general windows 8 problem, so it should be simple -- it sounds like it's something as simple as Screenshot Captor having an issue with a default printer or previous printer set..

One thing you might try if you feel like it, is to exit Screenshot Captor, then find and delete the screenshot captor settings file which will be under your documents folder, under DonationCoder\ScreenshotCaptor\ScreenshotCaptor.ini

And lastly, if you go to your windows control panel for Printers, can you check if you have your printer set as the Default printer?

Printer is set as default printer. I do not see a .ini file where you said to look.


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