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I'm used to Clipboard Buddy where you double click the item in the list and it appears in the application I'm using. How does it work with CHS, please?

If the clip you want is on the popup, you can single-click it to paste into the underlying application.  If it isn't, then bring up CHS main window, find your clip, rght-click on its title in the Titles list, pick the last action on the context menu, Copy Selected Clip to Active Window. 

That does not work. I single click the clip, it makes its funny duck sound, but nothing happens.
The clips in the main window are all 'grey'. Is that significant? I'm using Word.
Any suggestions rjbull?

It works for me with Word 2010, even when the clips are greyed out in the titles list.  I think they're usually greyed out if you have the cursor on the first entry in the tree, "All."  Normally you'd have the "New" node active, when they'll be normal.

Have you checked these Options?  I wondered if you had Double-clicking on Grid Cell Performs: set to Nothing.  Also, this is the Options screen where you turn sounds on and off, which is most likely where you need to go to turn the funny sound off.

Also keep in mind that most of the time you probably want to use the quick paste popup menu (ctrl+alt+q by default) when in another program to paste in a clip, rather than doing so from main window.

Also another way to copy the currently selected clip to the last active window (in addition to double clicking it) is to use the Orange clipboard button with a green arrow on it, to copy the currently selected clip to the last active window:


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