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NASA Considers Putting an Asteroid Into Orbit Around the Moon

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And it is not April 1st: NASA Considers Putting an Asteroid Into Orbit Around the Moon

What could possibly go wrong?    :tellme:

What could possibly go wrong?    :tellme:
-IainB (January 05, 2013, 03:37 AM)
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And then they can put an even smaller asteroid into orbit around that one!

In the 2002 remake of HG Wells; The Time Machine, there was a point when Hartdegen (the inventor-scientist-hero of the story) materialises for a short while in a future time, at nightime in a city, where the moon is seen to hang ominously close and broken into large pieces. Something must have gone horribly wrong for that to happen...

I am quite happy for Nasa to carry on blowing up astronauts or wasting billions of dollars in Mars exploration - e.g., including slamming explorer modules into the surface of Mars due to conversion errors in units of measurement, or whatever, and even missing Mars by thousands of kilometres.
However, I do not want any idiots scientists mucking about with geoengineering of either this planet - e.g., changing its albedo by dispersing toxic chemicals into the upper atmosphere to cool an imaginary AGW - or its satellite (the moon) whilst I am using them.

Heh yeah, or if they miscalculate the math, it could go slamming into the earth and wipe us out! Weren't they sometimes saying it was an asteroid that killed the dinos? I know! Let's find one and make it approach earth 267 times per year! Oh wait - so THAT's what the Mayans meant on why the world ended!  :D


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