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Slow in launching


Hi everyone,

I am having a slight but frustrating problem with otherwise excellent software. Whenever I try to launch FARR with keyboard shortcut it takes very long to appear on screen. I never had such problem with google desktop or launchy or kupfer (linux). Am I wrong in expecting it to launch instantly or within half a second?

My computer(laptop) config are-
Core i5 2.3GHz-2.9Hhz
Windows 7 64bit

I have indeed enabled the option to keep FARR active in memory.

Can you guys suggest any solution for my problem.
Any help will be appreciated.

Hi Mr. Seeker -- something definitely sounds wrong -- it should come up right away.

A couple of questions:

If you use hotkey to bring it up, and then hit the hotkey to make it go away, and then bring it up again, does it come up instantly the *second* time?

Can you try going to the options and clicking on the "Launch History" tab, and then right-clicking in the history and say "Delete all entries in list", and see if that fixes your speed issue.  Sometimes if you have a link to a networked file in that list, it can slow down FARR's first display.

Also, can I confirm you have the latest version of FARR?

And lastly, if you are running Microsoft Security Essentials tool, you should exclude FARR (see this thread).


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