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NANY Thoughts from Developers?

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I'd like to hear from other developers of NANY applications.

What kinds of things do you think about?

My main thought is that I won't be able to deliver for one reason or another.

I have one more application that I'm almost finished, but not done yet, and glad that I didn't pledge it as I wouldn't have made the deadline. (An Android application.)

So, what kinds of things do you think about for NANY?

Same as usual:
- Have/get/find/ask an idea
- Start early
- Document while coding
- Add features sparingly but complete
- Test, test, test (and fix bugs/refine features)
- Test some more
- Release just in time :D
- Update after a few days/weeks to make feature complete and bug-free

Well, what I found this year was that working on something way in advance (and not specifically for NANY) helped.  Usually it's a scramble at the last minute, and it still was as I was trying to get my other pledge done.  But I like to pledge rather than just show up so that it gives sort of a head count.

My usual problem is finding something that fits more than just one of these criteria:

* I am able to code it
* I would be interested in coding it
* It would be even slightly useful to anybody at all

:D Testing is one of those things that I do as I go along, and then again at the end. You can never really test everything, unless you have a LOT of time and money to do it. Hardware, drivers, etc. etc. etc. It never ends. I had an MP3 playback error years ago... it was a driver issue that I couldn't do anything about - thank god it's gone now.

For ideas, I usually just scratch an itch. ;D


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