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Create an RSS feed for any webpage, monitor changes and send results by email?



Do you know a Windows software (*) than can create an RSS feed for any webpage ?

Here is what I am looking for : I manually select what is a title, what is a link and if needed what is the content that I would like to keep (article content + their related images if they exist). The software create a RSS feed from that. Then it monitors the feed every x hours (or x days at a specified time). If updates are found then send the results to my email address.

It is a little like a combination of the Firefox addon: Autopager (WYSIWYG selection which uses Xpath and WebSite-Watcher (RSS software monitoring

(*) not an online service like yahoo pipes. As if, for instance, such company goes bankrupt I lose everything !
ps: best wishes to all for 2013. ;)

I also add a new request: It should works for http and https !

Thanks in advance for any help ;)

@jity2: just stumbled upon this thread whilst searching DC Forum for references to Yahoo! Pipes.

To get what you want I use an alternative that I always use for sites that do not have an RSS feed but that I want to keep informed by (and no, I don't want email alerts) - it's a nifty Firefox extension called UpdateScanner

EDIT 2014-03-06: Link is now moved to Firefox add-ons:
I suggest you try it out (assuming that you haven't tried it out already).

Also check: monitor and notify of webpage updates


@IainB : Thanks for your suggestions. ;) I have already tried Update scanner in the past. It is not enough useful for me.

My request is old but it is still a needed one! ;)
For the moment I am still using yahoo pipes (I often use it to keep only feed titles ; or getting the full content of a few urls) and website watcher in order to receive emails (about 2000 bookmarks monitored - I can also get for instance : only one big email every 12 hours for rssfeed bookmarks that are checked every hour - the current website watcher maximum limit being 99 items for a bookmark). (*)
I also use Yahoo Pipes with (in order to receive emails when a new item is available in the rss feed created with yahoo pipes).

Furthermore, Yahoo pipes have some usage limits :

200 runs (of a given Pipe) in 10 minutes

200 runs (of any Pipe) from an IP in 10 minutes

If you exceed the 200 runs in a 10 minute block, your Pipe will be 999'ed for a hour.

We currently are not raising rate limits. This may change in the future.

So sometimes, ifttt has some errors. See in the activity log I often have "General Trigger Error" or "Trigger Initialization Timeout". Note: They check rss feeds every 15 minutes and it is free. ;)

note:  I also use the free-ad-supported plan for other rss feeds (outside yahoo pipes, because it can only check it once a day

The main idea is still to create something similar for windows to yahoo pipes rss feeds or the more visual and easier (but often offline!)  ! ;)

If a software developer comes by here : be welcomed ! ;)

Thanks in advance ;)

(*) In order to do that, the basic trick in Website Watcher is to : double left click on a rss bookmark checked every hour / choose the "new version" / copy the url starting by C:\ / create a new bookmark and paste the url and check it every 12 hours/ then remove the send an email with the one hour check bookmark + keep the most recent 99 articles in both bookmarks. ;)


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