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LED Quality

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Are Your LEDs Really Saving You Money?
While LEDs are a green product and use less energy, the market has become flooded with low-quality imposters that won't conserve energy or save you money. Learn how to tell the difference.
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*cough* Lightbulb Conspiracy *cough* good documentary *cough*

That article didn't seem very helpful to me. It didn't really say how to tell the difference. It basically just said "Wait for later when things are labelled properly and buy them one at a time to replace existing incandescent/CFL bulbs as they burn out."

Use CFLs for lights that remain on for a long time, use incandescent for short term use, (eg. toilet), and replace all the stupid MR-16/GU-10 halogens with LED versions.

Probably the most economical way to go until LED incandescent-equivalent light bulbs come down to reasonable prices.

Because LEDs don't produce heat, less heat is released into your house making it easier to cool.
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Slightly contradictory content - LEDs, (as used in incandescent replacement), produce heat - it's why they're stuck on heatsinks.  If the heatsink isn't big enough for the job, then they will fail prematurely.

All-in-all it was a pretty useless article that had nothing to do with "Learn the difference between good and bad LEDs".

  Yeah, I think the gist of the article was "you won't know what your getting until the government makes them start ratings them".  Now you would think that they would have been required to do this from the beginning, but in the U.S. there IS NO SUCH THING AS TRUTH IN ADVERTISING!  All you have to do is watch some good ol' merican commercials to figure that out.  Some of the stuff they advertise is so obviously not going to work as advertised that I'm surprised that anyone would actually buy it.  As a good example, just pick any of the non prescription "supplements" advertised that's supposed to make you lose weight at an astronomical rate, or make your manliness hard for hours on end.  I even saw one that was supposed to make a womans breast get bigger.  lol
  Then there's the commercials that shows someone trying to do something like cutting food and fumbling out of control like they're spastic.  Then they show them using "their product" at breakneck speeds making perfect cuts.  It just gives me the urge to defecate......


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