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NANY 2013 Release: Brolands


NANY 2013 Brolands
Application NameBrolandsVersionFirst public version (I don't really have version control)Short DescriptionA Borderlands inspired random guns generator mod for Cortex CommandSupported OSesAny OS that can run Cortex CommandWeb Page Link Requirements
* Cortex Command
* Processor: 1GHz processor
* Memory: 1GB RAM
* Hard Disk Space: 150MB HDD space
* Video Card: 640x480 (VGA) resolution monitor
* Additional: Should run on any PC released within the past 5 years.
* (Blatantly stolen from the steam page for CC)Authorp3lb0x

There had been talk about implementing random guns akin to the ones found in Borderlands for some time on the Datarealms fan forums. And with scripts being allowed to run on so called attachables in the game, it suddenly became a possibility. I basically thought to myself that it would be a fine project to start up after I grasped the basics of the scripting language Lua that Cortex Command uses.

When you buy the weapon in game the first thing it does is pick a body, a magazine, a barrel and a bullet type. Then it smacks them together, rolls up some stats and is ready to be used. It is able to generate 57750 different guns before applying the randomized stats. It also features some lua scripting on 5 of the 7 included projectile types that are inspired by the elemental effects in Borderlands.

Planned Features
I hope to include all the weapon types of Borderlands at some point. But I need more sprites for that to work. Something that I've been supplied with by people on the Datarealms fan forums.


Showcases some of the bullet effects
NANY 2013 Release: Brolands

Large amount of generated guns
NANY 2013 Release: Brolands


Unpack the Brolands.rte folder to the Cortex Command folder and it should automatically load the mod when the game is started.

Using the Application
It should then pop up under weapons in game. Just buy it and it will generate a random gun when it gets loaded in the game world. It might be difficult to spot as only the handle of the gun is actually visible in the shop menu in game.

Just remove the Brolands.rte from the Cortex Command folder. It shouldn't have affected anything in the base game.

Luck affects the quality of the guns a lot. Some of them are pretty decent while a lot of them are below average.

Known Issues
While the mod is basically feature complete. It is missing a buttload of polish and is pretty full of bugs. It is however working and the bugs aren't game breaking in anyway (The two worst are a single console error on creation that I can't track down and some effects not triggering nearly as often as they should). In the polish department the worst part is probably how messy the code is, but also how unbalanced the different modules are. I also haven't gotten around to making muzzle offsets for the barrels. But you hardly notice it anyway.

Congratulations on the release p3lb0x!!

Could someone make a video for us?

Of course, I'll take a look at it.

That's really impressive! Nice work!

Hilariously bad teaser video added to the opening post.


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