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Need a way to modify a Subject Line in Outlook Email using Scripts or Rules

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Stoic Joker:
Oh,  OUTLOOK 2010/2013 using POP/SMTP and or IMAP.  As they ALL have two or three cellphones that have the exact same email accounts.
-questorfla (April 14, 2014, 09:57 PM)
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Zoiks! ...Any chance of accessing (by webmail or other) their mailbox to search for a clean header sample for them? I've had to do that several times in the interest of time (mine specifically - I hate having it wasted) because of users lacking the capacity to grasp the excruciating importance of trying to troubleshoot mail flow problems with a pristine header sample.

Ah well, this is another example (for me) that shows you shouldn't depend too much on 3rd parties that over-promise and under-deliver, which is the bulk of cloud service providers (to me).-Shades (April 14, 2014, 10:22 PM)
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+10 - I'll be keeping my Exchange server here in house, where GFi and I can keep a close eye on it.

Oh well. 'No Joy in Mudville tonight.  The mighty Casey has Struck Out'

I know it can be done.  The Ipswitch techs say they don't see why it could NOT be done  BUT of course they have NO idea how. There is nothing in the Mail-Admin toolbox for doing something like that.   I can ADD all kinds of stuff to their headers based on what markers I choose,  BUT,  I cannot find a single way to even so much as EMPTY the subject.  That would be preferable to leaving the SPAM.
Eventually one of them will finally send me a ONE PERSON email so I can analyze the header but until they do, Nothing I can do.

And of course, it will be MY fault that they took so long to do it.  The IT guys worst enemy is himself.  Being really good at what you do can get you in more trouble than being a slacker.  If you are a lousy Admin, they get used to that and don't expect anything.  But.. if you happen to be good at it, you better PRAY you can STAY good forever.  User Errors are not accepted excuses.

I wonder is there is a way to truncate any subject line by 10 characters if those 10 are "***SPAM***"OR
Add 10 delete characters to the front of the line to suck those 10 characters into oblivion.

If there was some common denominator to those that are marked, but nothing we can find and several techs spent a few hours scratching heads.
Some email from SOME users Some times gets hit.  Other email from same users does not.

I cant believe there is no way to create a rule to delete the entire subject line.  I CAN create a rule that checks for the ***SPAM*** and "run a Script" if found but apparently no one knows what the script would have to say to even just empty the subject line if it cannot be surgical, use an AXE.  In cases like this Nothing is better than something if the something still says spam.
A little Human Help would be nice but for the Life of me I don't understand why I cannot get them to simply take 10 seconds to delete the offending phrase before forwarding it to 15 other people like they think it will magically go away on it's on.

It might get put BACK but if it does then I at least have a clue.

Right now the ONLY clue I have is that whatever it is, it happens AFTER the first reply.  The first reply says "***SPAM***" RE: subject....
after than, it is RE:"***SPAM***" Subject.  So the FIRST time it happens it is done by something after it leaves their Outlook.

On subsequent forwards.  the RE: (reply) part is in FRONT of the "***SPAM***"

   "Sigh" :(


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