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SOLVED: Recursive Search and Replace in Nested Folders

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Surely such utility programs exist, so I am mostly asking for your suggestions.

In a set of folders are text files.  I need to search for UNDERLINE characters, and change each to TAB characters.

Ideally I'd like the operation to be recursive, so that I can use the top containing folder, and all folders within will be drilled into, finding the text files, and changing the UNDERLINE to TAB.

Additionally, the program must allow me to put in TAB.  Maybe ASCII 9?  Could be an issue.

Thanks much.

Nicholas Kormanik

A lot of descent editors, like Notepad++, PsPad and others, support find/replace functions on external files, including subdirectories. Usually you can (optionally) specify regex-like or c-style characters like \t for a <tab>, etc.


* Minitrue, a Search / Replace Utility
Original version.  DOS, but with 32-bit version.  Console mode.  Free.
* MiniTrue
MiniTrue updated by Jason Hood to fix some LFN issues for the 32-bit DOS version, adds a Win32 console port and fixes crashes when dealing with large files.  Free.
* HandyFile Find And Replace and Text Workbench
Payware, different versions.
* FreeBee Find And Replace: A free version of HandyFile Find And Replace
Not seen this before, not tried it, don't know if it recurses.
* HFFR last(?) free version
Don't know if this one recurses through directories either (try asking Abterix)
* Replace Text, formerly called BK ReplaceEm
Please note that Replace Text is no longer supported and has known problems with some Windows 7 installations.  Free.

Swiss File Knife as well

replace function

I havn't tried this one but the features seem a match. Requires .NET 4 though. Might be alright if you are running W7 or later.  There may be a run-time download if you need the .NET 4.


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