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Were you a radio interviewer or disk jockey or producer in a past life? read in!

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just click a litttle smiley and the text version of it appears in the editor; it will be converted to the smiley when you preview or submit.

 ;D 8) :tellme: :P Thanks

We've talked to Mobysaurus (Anderson Ho) and he's willing to squeeze us in. We'll send him the questions, he'll record the answers, send them to us, and we'll edit it and send it in.

Now we just have to play with our new reference-shelf. We particularly like the Devil's dictionary and the Foolish dictionary. ;D



Im an experienced sound editor (worked in Broadcast enviroment). If you need a hand mixing,editing and mastering only to pleased to help.


mukestar, we are definitely still looking for someone to take over production of the podcast!
talk to me in irc chat channel next time you stop by.


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