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Were you a radio interviewer or disk jockey or producer in a past life? read in!

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We need some help with the podcast audio show!

* one of the things we want to do as a regular feature on our podcast is have short interviews with freeware/donationware authors. so we need to find one or more people who are willing to conduct these interviews, either over the phone or computer voice conversation tool like skype.
* we also need a general audio producer - someone to actually produce the show, edit together the different segments, and make a real show out of all the submissions.  anyone want to try to take on this supervisor job and be responsible for making the podcast show a reality?

post replies here or send me email ([email protected])

My friend and I both have experience in public radio broadcasting here in Australia. We don't have ip-based comms but do audio editing etc (I also used to mix bands and produce adverts). We'd like to hear developers talk about their urges and idiosycracies too, so lets have a go. Annie is quite an experienced interviewer, but it could be a pricey proposition over the phone. Maybe the interviewee could record and send the answers which is similar to the way politicians do it? Anyway we're interested!

Good to know you're interested in helping, bliss!  :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup:

but it could be a pricey proposition over the phone
-bliss (April 28, 2006, 06:59 AM)
--- End quote ---
I think that mouser meant "over the phone" as in "over skype", or some sort of voip client. (see This would be for free, if you have unlimited time internet connection (dsl or such).


two things:
1) are you volunteering to help edit the shows?  do you have a particular program you might use to edit the show together?
i've been laying out this first show in sony Acid.  working pretty well.

2) and/or interviewing? do you have something that will let you record phone calls or like jgpaiva says, do you have a fast internet connection that can record a computer call?  It might be nice to do an interview of the author of mobysaurus dictionary ( he is in australia..

Yes to both.

We use cooledit all the time.

Unfortunately, while we have 'broadband', the download limits are tiny so ip-phone is out of reach.

We are fans of English usage (and abusage -is that a word?) and would love to interview the Mobysaurus creator(s). I followed the link and had a look. Now I'm downloading some more bloatware (.net) I'm so impressed with the idea. I've been using a ratty Oxford dictionary that came on a pc-magazine cd years ago. This Mobysaurus looks like what I've wanted for ages! Australia is fairly big so we may have to take our Marantz-digital-thing with us for an explore to where-ever they are.

I'll follow up, and report back.

gq & am

ps On an entirely different subject, can anyone tell me how to use smileys? Tried dragging them but ended up with the javascript text -and no smiley.


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