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[Bug] Menu displaying

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I experience a bug displaying the menu (Windows 7 Pro x64, SP1): Show the menu, move the mouse and then show the menu again. The menu at the old location will remain.

Here is a screenshot:

Yikes, that's unpleasant!  Doesn't seem to happen here but I need to try it on win 7 and see if i can reproduce.

FWIW, not happening here with exactly same OS details "(Windows 7 Pro x64, SP1)"

Some more details: CHS v2.17.1.0 (portable)

Maybe it has something to do with the video card?
I attached a video clip showing this behavior.

Does it happen with right-click too or just left-click?  Does it happen with any other programs?

Do the old menus that are shown actually "work" -- that is, can you click items on them? Or are they just graphics artifacts left on screen?


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