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DONE: list fonts in MS Office documents

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How about a small app. that can take a Microsoft Office document (word, excel, or powerpoint) and list all of the fonts that are used in the document?  I do some desktop publishing with submissions from multiple authors. I always end up with a complex document containing plenty of fonts - but no way to tell which ones were actually included.

thx!  Mike

 :) Try this one!
It's not perfect, but I think you can figure out what fonts are used.

UsedFonts - Show what fonts are in use by a Microsoft Word document.

- Run it to show a file selection dialog, add a file to the command line, or drag and drop a document on the exe file.

You'll find the downloads and more info at 1 Hour Software by Skrommel.


I feel a little silly, but I didn't see that utility on your page? 

 :-[ Those late night sessions! Should be there now!



I often embed the fonts in my files, but that makes them heaview, so this is great!

Can you also apply some type of Font substitution option? This way I can choose some of the more similar fonts (or fonts that were used previously and perhaps reside in traiiling spaces, etc) and switch them for something else.



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