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Bluetooth-Wifi Quick on/off


If I want to disable Bluetooth on my laptop, I have a physical switch, but that also deactivates Wifi, and there's no hot key (I'd need to open the program, bla bla bla).

I've also seen laptops that don't have an easy way to activate/deactivate wifi/bluetooth.

Is it possible to create a small app, maybe that runs in the systray, and maybe assigning a quickkey?

Is there already a program like that, or is it already possible to create some sort of shortcut in Windows?


 :) I made one for my girlfriend's laptop, just changing a few registry settings, but I've not found a uniform way of doing this for all laptops.

Ideally it should be a matter of enabling/disabling the wlan nic in the hardware list, but in addition there's the manufacturer's software controlling things.


So it would be possible to have some type of systray app and hotkey that would activate/disactivate wlan and/or bluetooth?


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