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NANY Submission (another) - Tab Launcher

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I think I can do that.  :)

Almost done with the next update. Tale a look at the options screen shots in the first post.

Can this thing dock to the screen?

I have been using JetToolbar, which is very similar, but the authour won't be contacted, and the app is getting pretty old.  It still works on Win7, but isn't portable.

No it does not, but I can look into adding that.

If it docked, kind of like Desktop Corral, I might actually use it.  You should look at JetToolbar - it is the best tabbed launcher I have ever tried (I try them all, too).

Download page:

It hasn't been updated since 2004!

One of the best things is that you can specify the command to run.  Anything you can run on a commandline can be run from the buttons on Jet Toolbar.  I also use an icon library (.icl) as the source for most icons.  It is drag and drop from Explorer to the toolbar to add an item.

You can't rearrange icons by dragging.
You can't rearrange tabs by dragging.
You can't disable tooltips on the tabs (even though there are options).
There are no skins.


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