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EXISTS - IDEA: Hotkey controls for screen brightness.

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have you tried emailing the author
--- End quote ---
I'd like to, but the homepage leads to an "Access Forbidden" error page.
The email link on this page has no address

Hi all! This is the author of Gamma Panel  :)

The incremental hot-key feature is on my list of features for the next release. I don't when it is going to be released - I'm very busy finishing my studies at the moment.

As far as my website goes - it went down about a week or two ago and I can't do anything at the moment - no time to contact the people who offered me hosting. I hope to fix it next month if I have enough time. The email is working and I hope that it will stay that way  ;)


The Resident Googler strikes again!  I hunted him down and shot him an email (actually two emails, at two different addresses; hopefully only one made it).

Thanks for responding so quickly, Tomek!

Geektechnu, Tomek's email address is in his profile.  And it's one of the addresses I used.  :)

tporosin, welcome to our site - how fun to see a post from you !

if you need a place to host your webpage for a while, i'd be happy make some space available for you.  just email me ([email protected]) and ill set up an ftp account and web space.  would be our pleasure.

ps. it's our policy to grant membership to freeware authors, so i've upgraded you to member status. please make yourself at home :)

You guys have made my day! Thanks  :)


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