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IsoBuster on offer, 2012-11-28: Recover Files From Damaged Media

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IsoBuster on offer again at Bits du Jour today, 2012-11-28.

* Bits du Jour IsoBuster offer, 2012-11-28
* IsoBuster home page
IsoBuster is a data recovery tool specifically designed for optical media and optical media disc images. Supporting numerous optical and image formats, such as CD, DVD, ISO, Blu Ray, IMG, and HD DVD, you'll be able to recover your most important and sentimental files from a bad disc or image file!

Data recovery from physical media is only part of what IsoBuster can do. It's also a one-stop source opening and extracting ISO, IMG, and other disc image formats! Need to extract info from an ISO file you recently downloaded?

Never fear, IsoBuster is here to save the day!

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Quoting a post by the author in the Bits du Jour thread:
Peter Van Hove
I should point out that the description above is a bit outdated.

IsoBuster now also supports the recovery from USB Flash drives / cards, Hard drives, floppy, diskette, zip, jaz., SSD etc.
An older description was re-used and I failed to point that out to the good people of BDJ.

Also interesting to know is that there's a new version coming. A key you buy now will obviously also work on that version (and all coming 3.x versions btw.).
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Picked it up earlier today.  Be interesting to see whether it will recover a damaged XP disc, as well as a 64G USB stick that Win7 insists must be formatted, but  complains of it being write-only when I try  :-\.  Not overly optimistic in either case, but hey ... miracles do happen [mostly to other folk] from time to time  :P.

Deal extended another day, 29th Nov. 2012.

@rjbull: Thanks for the heads-up on IsoBuster BDJ. Having been a bit busy on other things, I had missed the deadline but was able to take advantage from the deadline extension.
I had tried IsoBuster out on a free trial basis, but it was kinda crippled and useless. However, I read the specs and its range of functionality looked pretty good. I have just bought a licence via BDJ and am now trialling IsoBuster v3.1beta - the latter having just been announced as being "stable".

I read the specs and its range of functionality looked pretty good. I have just bought a licence-IainB (November 29, 2012, 06:10 PM)
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I see an IainB mini-review approaching  :)


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