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Screenshot Captor v3.13 Beta Test

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Thanks for the comments Paul, some replies:

1+3:  I agree that one of those two things should happen.  My intention was to have them be independent settings, so I will try to make the Save As, Advanced quality be persistent.

2: I agree, it is confusing.. It's one of those things where I made an inconsistent decision and then stuck with it.  Perhaps it's time to change that to Quality which I think is easier to understand.

4: I will add the ability to set custom values for preset sizes.

Must admit this was my first try at this program, and I was mostly looking for an easy way to capture screens that scrolled both horizontal and vertical. Although your screen that facilitates this is certainly comprehensive, it found it intimidating, especially the terminology of capturing an ``object'' rather than a scrolling screen. Made me want to abandon my computer and play more guitar. I like the simple idea of letting the software guess the scroll parameters first, and then simply letting the user manually do the scroling -- rather than set some parameters the user probobly never thought about till now.

A feature of the endlessly new portable hardware devices and their ``apps'' - is endlessly new ways to learn to do old things with new buttons and menus.

My gold standard for a quick capture bar, is the FastStone Screen capture bar -- lots of stuff on a small bar, easy to figure out and use. perhaps 5 or 7 icons that speak for themselves. Yours, employs drop down menus to accomplish similar things (e.g., full screen, active screen, rectangle, custom area - -) Adding menus to a quick bar, seems an unnecessary complexity and extra step. Should not a quick capture bar REALLY be quick?

You're right that the quick capture bar needs a rethinking.. Hopefully I'll get it right before im done :)

In the main window, the field which gets focused upon pressing tab seems odd to me starting from the Name: field.

My expectation was to see the focus in the larger text area, but what I observe is that one of the images in the screenshot panel gets the focus instead.

ill look into it.


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