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Tips for Windows 8 (got any?)

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^ I added a documantation section to post #1

I signed up for the forum linked below when it first opened. But I don't participate often as I don't intend to get W8. If their Vista and Windows Seven forums are any indication, this forum should be a wealth of Tutorials, lists of free W8 software, W8 news, and of course, categorized sob-forums to post various problems.

  Windows 8 Forum
-MilesAhead (November 17, 2012, 09:04 AM)
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I was hoping that existed -
I had found another forum - - which didnt really impress.

I was hoping that existed -
I had found another forum - - which didnt really impress.
-tomos (November 17, 2012, 02:48 PM)
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Not that MS MVPs are the be all and end all, but those forums have quite a few. They're sticklers about rules/licenses afa Windows is concerned. For that reason if you get a link to  Windows OS ISOs you can be confident they're legit. Very good tutorials also.

Backup / create an image:
Win+W to search settings - search for 'Windows 7..." - open "Windows 7 File Recovery" -a weird hangover name, in spite of it simply being called "Backup or Restore" in Win7.
~ Restore seems a bit buggy here - it cant find my image/backup on an external usb hd. But if I use the restore disk (dont forget to create it!) I can find the backup okay. Helped by Windows 8 forums tutorials (NOTE: I just wanted to check that it could find the backup - I didnt need to restore, so I didnt try to).
System Restore - Win+W to search settings for same and you're covered (also available via control panel)
-tomos (November 15, 2012, 02:41 PM)
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added some backup quirks ...

for those who buy laptops with one big partition for everything:
(probably valid for most other win OS's as well)

Shrink/expand partitions within Windows 8.
I shrunk my OS partition (C) using Disk Management - it refused to shrink much but when system restore was turned off, & old restore points deleted, it then offered to go down to 20GB (FWIW, I gave it 100GB). System restore are those fixed files you can see in the middle of the partition when defragging. More info here:

How to Delete Your Metro Application’s Usage History in Windows 8 []

Windows 8 includes an all new Task Manager, which brings a whole bunch of new features. One of my favorites is the App history tab, which allows geeks like us to monitor our applications resource usage. Sometimes you may wish to reset the counters though, so here’s how.
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