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Tips for Windows 8 (got any?)

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Looks like mounting ISOs is now built-in:

Right-click it in Explorer, click Mount and you can view it as a virtual drive, launch the files it contains, or add more if you like.

--- End quote ---


Thanks ewemoa,
I've added those and some new ones* to the first post. (I've roughly grouped by desktop/home-page)
That's one of those posts that would benefit from a wikistyle option.

*Disable Lock Screen / Take screenshots / Prevent [Media] Files Opening in Metro

Thanks for the summarizing and new tips  :up:

I signed up for the forum linked below when it first opened. But I don't participate often as I don't intend to get W8. If their Vista and Windows Seven forums are any indication, this forum should be a wealth of Tutorials, lists of free W8 software, W8 news, and of course, categorized sob-forums to post various problems.

  Windows 8 Forum

One "tip" I'd like to suggest even though it's obvious: Learn before you churn.

Get some background - any background - first.

Watch some videos or web presentations, read a hands-on article or beginner booklet (or book), ask a knowledgeable friend to show you around, grab a cheat sheet and really look at it...whatever works best for your learning style.

I see this all the time with technology. People wade in on something completely new (or in this case different) with zero clue as to how it works and start bashing around. That's a guaranteed formula for initial failure and frustration with something like Windows 8.

From my own experience, Windows 8 has a very different "feel" from what we're currently using. Not really any worse or better in most cases - but just different enough that a lot of old work habits and expectations go right out the window with version 7. If you have some idea as to what to expect, it's not nearly as bad as if you just wade in and let it ambush you.

Grab a copy of the for Dummies booklet mentioned above and give it a go through first. I've had a few acquaintances take that suggestion and some (surprise!) actually ended up sort of liking Windows 8 after a short while. While none said they preferred it at this stage, all agreed (with varying degrees of "enthusiasm") that they were confident they "could get used it" if they had to.


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