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Well, I got it: Nokia Lumia 920, Windows 8

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Last one for the night...
I really do prefer the Windows mobile interface over android and ios (both are basically the same).  The tiles are better.  I really dig the way to jump around alphabetically in your lists, I thought that was well done.  Some of the tight ecosystem integration as mentioned above I found to be better than the others.  Maybe I'm old school or something, but I find a lot of the harsh criticisms regarding these specific points to be unwarranted and a little misinformed.

I lied, one more:

The Wikipedia app is beautiful, oh my.  This really raises my hopes about what can be done with this OS.  If you play with it you will see a few very nifty things they've done that are unexpected and unlike anything else on the phone currently.  I'm VERY impressed.

Check out and WPCentral -- both apps are superbly designed. 627 could be an alarm + weather app replacement if not for the fact that the api it uses for weather data is about 10 degrees off (at least for my location) ruling it out for me. Still, it's nice to look at.

Now I'm having difficulty automatically syncing my phone files with skydrive, even though I've set everything up properly.  I've set it up to auto sync my photos/videos automatically with Skydrive, but only using wifi when it's available (so it doesn't waste my ATT bandwidth).  Well, it doesn't do anything, really.  I have to sync them manually.  Phone's been sitting here at home for hours now, I've been waiting for it to decide to upload, but nothing.

I took about 3 GB of videos and pictures last night, was hoping it would have been seamless.  Cmon microsoft.

My "Camera Roll" automatically uploads but that's it. . . I'd have thought everything would.


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