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One thing you might try is copying a video into your Screenshot Captor screenshot directory -- it should be able to open it and let you easily save frames, etc.
-mouser (March 12, 2015, 03:19 PM)
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Thanks for answer.

IOW, you are not interested right now to add something like MiniCaps' "-capturehwnd", "-capturepid", "-captureappbyname" to ESR?

Just want to know I do not have to wait for it  :Thmbsup:



Ok let's see:

Adding hotkey to save frame quickly -- not a bad idea, i can add that.
Option to lock onto a window so that the capture moves location when window moves -- that's a nice idea, i will add that.
Option to pass commandline paramter to specify what window to capture, sounds reasonable.
Ability to capture from window even if it's covered or minimized -- probably not easy.

Thanks for the update.
Please take your time, I am not in a hurry. ESR works already very well.

- - -

Another idea from my work experiences:
- press a key while recording ==>  ESR stores the current timestamp (and let me enter a short notice, like "start driver installation")
- later I want to jump to that bookmark from a kind of bookmark list

Perhaps that is from interest for you. But I can understand also if you want to keep it simple and drop this idea.

Does anyone know if there is a file format that is understood by video players for storing timecodes/bookmarks for videos?
I'd be more amenable to adding a feature to ESR for letting you create markers/notes in a video file if there was a standard file format for such things.

Depending on precise feature set, a bit of this may be shoe-hornable in to subtitle formats.

IIUC, the new kid on the block is WebVTT -- supposedly supported in a variety of browsers:

Apparently at least version 2.2.0 of VLC supports it too.

I mentioned browsers because IIUC the used components are often reusable for apps -- indeed, it's fairly straight-forward to make a simple video player now.

But to answer the original question, IIUC, there is no widely accepted way to do bookmarks for videos.


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