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Malwarebytes FREE and PRO/Premium - Mini-Review.

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2014-03-17: Minor updare to the opening post (review):

The licencing notes now read:
Licencing notes:

* 1. In the discussion below, @mwb1100 mentions that, from an old thread in DC Forum - here, a 20% discount coupon code (from March 2012) for Malwarebytes was still valid as at 30 October 2012: BM6-3S7-665.
* 2. Refer also the discussion thread Malwarebytes is moving away from lifetime licenses
Added this to examples of use:
I bought a MBAM license a few years back, not because I wanted/needed the real-time protection, but because I wanted to support them because they have helped me get *metric tons* of crap off of the computers that people have dragged in front of me begging me to fix over the years.
-Innuendo (March 15, 2014, 06:39 PM)
--- End quote ---

Note: the 20% discount code doesn't seem to work anymore. Or more accurately, the order form I get when I try to purchase MBAM pro today (16 Mar 2014) doesnt have a place to enter a coupon code.

However, the $10 discount link mentioned in the "Malwarebytes is moving away from lifetime licenses" thread does still seem to work and represents a 40% discount:


I imagine that this discount link will no longer be valid once version 2.0 is released, but that's just a guess.

Thanks Ian for the review. Truly appreciate this!

Sometimes it is recommended to run Malwarebytes FREE on adhoc basis as a kind of addition to an existing/running security suite.

It is nót recommended to have Malwarebytes PRO run at the same time with other security software (e.g. having Kaspersky Internet Security Suite or Norton Internet Security Suite (or any other of such tools).

This is because once a virus is detected, either one of the application will try to take care of it at the same time, resulting in a possible conflict.

That is what I have been given to understand.

But all that aside - nice review.

Keep up the good work!

Malwarebytes PRO is not an antivirus program so that will not happen. It works well with antivirus software.

I've been running MBAM Pro and VIPRE Internet Security side by side with no problems or slowdowns whatsoever.


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