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FBx eXtender's 'Click switch file box folder feature' - can this be done in AHK?

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I have one that I'm testing now. It's just a primitive hotkey. I tried doing it the same way as decribed here.  But after messing around I decided it was much easier to do it backwards(I can hear it already)  :)

In ahk if I call WinExist on Explorer type window it will return the "last found" or the one that's on top or last active or something. So I don't have to click on that one. All I have to do is open it so that it's active for a bit(on top.)

Now I hotkey(Control right click) on an Open or SaveAs dialog(the caption has to be either Open or SaveAs and window type dialog #32770 yadda yadda) and if the Explorer window's current folder is a supported type, not Computer or Libraries or some other crap.. a regular path like C:\Program Files\SomeProgramOrOther  then it will be pasted. Naturally it's a good idea to Control Right Click in the edit control where you want it to paste.

I'm going to run it for a while and make sure I didn't miss any big bugs. If it seems usable I'll post it on my site and post the usual thread in General Software Discussion.


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