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DONE: Dim rest of desktop/windows, except for focused window

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Something I’ve always thought would be kind of neat.  Dimming the entire desktop and other windows, maybe 50% brightness, except for the window that currently in focus.  This allows the user to really focus on the window at hand.  I think this would be good, too, for using the computer in low light conditions.

I don’t know, maybe not the most useful app, but I think it would be cool.

that would be very cool..

not sure how the hell you'd do it though..

I like it..... Something like the old desktop dimmer screensaver, but doesn't work on the active Window.  I wonder if some of the more sophisticated color selectors (Like CDCC) allow you to darken the body elements of inactive windows, like you can, for example, the title bar... This would produce the same, or a similar effect.

it might be possible to write something like this into the big desktop replacement tools like windowblinds.. but short of that i'm not sure how one would code it, UNLESS there is a hidden windows registry entry for inactive window color.  there is a setting for default window color which you can set from desktop properties.. so its not an insane concept that there could be a hidden window color for inactive windows..

I just checked Jasmin's 3DCC, and it'll let you color inactive captions, caption text, gradients, and borders, but not the body  of the window itself


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