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Listary Pro for only $9.95 on Friday 19 October

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I'm glad to announce that Listary Pro will be featured on BitsDuJour again on Friday 19 October at the dramatically reduced price of $9.95 (51% off).
Check it out!

P.S. A totally new version of Listary (Listary 4 beta) will be out with this promotion.

Oooh - good news about v4 beta.

I bought Listary Pro in the last offer and have been patiently waiting :)

I bought it at full price after the last offer expired, and have also been patiently waiting :-)

this is good news! also have been waiting for v4 beta since the last 50% offer..

Sounds great :Thmbsup:.

Any chance that v4 will support selecting multiple files from the search results list?


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