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Dumbing-down of the educational system?

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Ahh, xkcd. Most of them are cute little things, then about 1 in 10 must take him hours.

seen todays XKCD?
-tomos (October 18, 2012, 06:18 AM)
--- End quote ---

Hahahahah~! :D

Nice! Thanks for posting it!

I just read this:

(FAIR WARNING: This is likely to disrupt part of most people's world views.)

I didn't know that the Khan Academy was funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Anyways, the article has some interesting things to say about the current and future state of education.

@Renegade: I looked carefully at Khan Academy before signing my daughter up for it. I thought it seemed quite good, and she reported that it was of benefit, for her.
However, the fly in the ointment always seemed to be Bill Gates' funding of KA.
I'd be wary of anything that that gentleman invested in.


I dunno Iain, just go content by content. The only 4th hand gripe I have of Khan Academy is it's a little disconnected, the items are shorter than reg college lectures, so it might take some work to organize them into an instructional pattern.


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