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Treepad Lite 3.0 released


Those of you who like tree-style hierarchical notekeepers / outliners / PIMs might like to know that Treepad Lite, the small, freeware version of Treepad, has finally been updated.  From their Web site:

New features in version 3.0

April 15, 2006

* Added: a settings screen containing many new options. You can access the settings screen through "menu: View/options" or the new options toolbutton.

* Added: a new button to open the options screen has been added to the file toolbar
* Improved: the 'Follow Hyperlink' icon on the 'navigate' toolbar has been replaced with a better icon.
* Improved: the 'Search article' icon has been replaced with a nicer icon
* Added: the right-click toolbar menu now also contains menu items for the infobars
* Added: the right-click toolbar menu now also appears when right-clicking on the article title bar, just below the article.

* Added: one can now switch between ten skins to adjust the appearance of TreePad's toolbars. Menu/view/skin or toolbar popup-menu/skin. The following skins are available: classic, silver 1, silver 2, blue sky, blue metallic, chrome, aluminium, vanilla, purple and green. The 'classic' skin corresponds to how the program looked during the last few years.
* Added: a new skins menu has been added to the toolbar popup menu, as well as to the view menu

* Added: Windows XP themes support
* Improved: the tab below the article has been replaced with a nicer looking panel displaying the name of the article
* Updated 'About' screen, menu: help/about

Tray icon
* Many new tray icon options, such as: show in tray when minimized, show in tray when active, show in tray and taskbar when minimized, etc. etc. Menu: View/options

* Added: a tree folder icon for each node. You can hide (and show) this icon using the options screen, menu: view/options

--- End quote ---

Hmmm...  haven't tried it yet, and a bit ungenerous to criticise a nice little freeware, but those features seem designed to make it look prettier, not make it more powerful...


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