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  • October 18, 2019, 03:47 PM
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Author Topic: PortaTorch - A Torchlight 1 Portablizer  (Read 2930 times)


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PortaTorch - A Torchlight 1 Portablizer
« on: October 05, 2012, 04:44 PM »
The short: AHK neophyte/non-programmers wonders if this project is doable in AutoHotKey without too much trouble.

Like many, I jump on any remotely interesting Humble Bundle and ended up with a copy of Torchlight for next to nothing. It's a decent game and I might play around with it a bit, but I'd like it even better if I could take it on a flash drive everywhere.

Torchlight doesn't run portably, and there is no option to do so. Instead, it uses the registry and profile folders. There are two approaches for me, as someone with no programming experience:

Approach 1: use and learn the launcher to redirect the registry entries and profile folders to the portable drive. Technically cleaner, because it should only write to the portable drive, but a lot of work to learn a wonky format that may not result in a transferrable skill.

Approach 2: Approach 2: use and learn AHK methods to copy registry entries and profile folders between the PC and the portable drive. Not as clean, but perhaps a bit easier to do and with more community support. Also transferrable knowledge, as AHK is a more versatile tool.

My skill level: I can do hotkeys in AHK. I have no programming experience.

Approach 2 may proceed like this:
   - One script to unpack the stored profile to the current profile folder (incl. mods)
   - Same script unpacks the registry entries to the reg
   - Both of above overwrite anything that's already there
   - Run the game
   - Exit the game
   - Optional: Detect game exit
   - Repack the stored profile folder in portable drive
   - Delete stored profile folder
   - Repack registry entries
   - Delete registry entries

Based on what I know of AHK, this should be possible with the basic toolset. Even a basic GUI should be doable. But I don't really know what commands to rely on yet, or whether to farm this out to two or three scripts, or

Requirement: I'd like this to be portable, that is, it will run reliably on any Windows machine I use it with, regardless of drive letter assignment, and it will leave no trace behind when I'm done.