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Help me Improve my Culinary Card Game for Kickstarter: Cooking Party Cards

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My original intention was to add flavor text to all of the cards.. After we playtested it however, people seemed to like the very clean look of the cards, so now i'm not sure.  If it's added it will be very minimal.  And any iconography that gets placed on the cards will be likewise minimal.  This is a game that very much depends on the visceral feeling of working with food, so the food images are the stars.  If it got funded, one of the first tasks would be to hire a professional food photographer and create better photographs for the cards (or purchase rights from somewhere).
-mouser (September 04, 2012, 12:39 PM)
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There are some very good stock photography sites out there. You can get time-limited access (etc. etc.) and get everything you need for relatively cheap. Think under $1,000, and even maybe as low as $250. A photographer will cost much, much more.

I've edited the link of passing shot with its kickstarter campaign, and I've just approached this lady who makes video reviews of tabletop games
although she is from Chile so there could be problems with the language of pirates in case she has got interest in your project

just set an email to
who has a youtube channel as well

Just a brain fart, but for the social aspect, why not a "like" type aspect where you can't vote against something, but you can vote FOR something.

Players could "vote" on another players dish by putting up 1 hand for "I'd eat that" or 2 hands for "YUMMY!" It would keep a positive aspect on the game, but still allow that slightly dark side of "not" voting.

I still think that even with a minimalistic tone to the game, some very simple bonuses could make things more fun. e.g. A card like:

Title: Natural Sea Salt
Ability: Gives +1 "delicious" to a dish (or +2 votes to soup or whatever)

Title: Basil
Ability: Gives +2 "delicious" to any Thai dish

Title: Organic Tomatoes
Ability: Gives +1 health

Title: Tomatoes
Ability: None. But makes for great ketchup.

Title: MSG
Ability: Gives -1 health to any dish

i.e. There could be some "nasty" cards to have.

Title: Sugar
Ability: Gives +2 delicious and -1 health

Title: Honey
Ability: Gives +2 delicious and +1 health

Title: Raw Cane Sugar
Ability: Gives +1 delicious

When you break it down, food is all about 2 things - taste and health.

Players could compete for 2 titles - taste and health. The game could end up with 2 winners instead of just 1. That's what I'd call a win-win proposition~! ;D

Yeah... All still pretty much game mechanics, but it would help ease out some of the purely subjectiveness. It doesn't all have to be perfectly accurate as in the real world.

@mouser #14 "...create better photographs...":

I would like to contribute (free) photos. What subjects do you want first? Any preferred style or format?

Digital cameras: Olympus C-5060, 5.1 MP; Pentax Optio, 5 MP.
Film camera: Bronica 2. 1/4" square, 6 cm square, 120, bellows, spot, TTL and color temp meters, lots of lenses. Film is slower because of developing since I sold my darkroom stuff.

Thanks so much sword, that is very generous of you!  To be honest I think I'm coming to believe that improving the photographs may be best left to wait as something to do if the Kickstarter attempt is successful.  Food photography seems like a very specialized time consuming thing, and for a card game, I think the goal will be some consistency in the photos, so it's probably wasteful to try to get new photos at this point...


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