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Help me Improve my Culinary Card Game for Kickstarter: Cooking Party Cards

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you might get feedback from this spanish community:
Sociedad Británica para el Conocimiento (BSK)
They have a forum with an interesting print&play section where amateur developers share their creations (I bought a dice game about tenis called "Passing Shot" created by one of its members), and collaborate to make tabletop games. I'll try to post a thread there about your project.


Adding a main gameplay mode that does not depend on subjective culinary judgement.  That is, I want to add an alternative, more traditional card game that can be played with the cards, for people who may not love the idea of a subjective social party game. Adding small amount of extra indicators on cards to facilitate this is possible (numbers, etc.)
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If you're into designing each card more, you can add in classifications, e.g. fruit, vegetable, spicy, etc., and "goes with" or "conflicts with" attributes. If you look at typical card games, those are the kinds of things that they use. The Illuminati card game from Steve Jackson games is a good example.

As a simple example, you could have "Chocolate" with "Goes with EVERYTHING!" Or "Anchovies" goes with "NOTHING!" etc.

Cards could give other cards bonuses, e.g. Garlic gives a +1 flavour bonus to pasta, and a -1 flavour penalty to ice cream. etc.

I'd probably set up a "dish" or "menu item" system where you combine ingredients to create something. You could also have things like unlimited vegetables, but limited meat items, and have some "spices" give an "allows 1 additional meat item in a dish" bonus. etc.

However, that is all about game mechanics, but it does solve the issue. I don't know how complex you want the game mechanics to be though, so I can't really say much more.

I would have a way for people to vote in the game though. You could then have alliances, people stabbing each other in the back, general mayhem, bloodshed, and all that good stuff that makes a game addictive~! :D (Yeah - I love "Diplomacy" the game.)

Thanks kilele!
I should post about this on Board Game Geek as well.


If you're into designing each card more, you can add in classifications, e.g. fruit, vegetable, spicy, etc., and "goes with" or "conflicts with" attributes.
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Yes, I also thought that to make it a more traditional game, I will probably be adding some small amount of extra indicators on the cards -- like the category, maybe a number.  But I don't want it to get too busy.

The key for this alternative game is that it should be a game that does not depend on arguing about subjective taste, like the main game does, and does not depend on players being honest/objective/fair.  Hence I have been thinking about rather traditional card game rules -- but you remind me that there are alternative social games that might also be possible.

I'm a big believer in keeping things simple and striving for elegance -- so I want to keep the rules and any adding info on cards as minimal as possible.  But I'd love to have an element of players hindering other players, something that is missing from the main game, which is much less cutthroat.

Just another thought:

Writing an ingredient guide and glossary (basically some info+trivia about each ingredient and general culinary tips).
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Most card games have something called "flavour text", which doesn't affect the functionality/ability of the card, but gives it a bit of, well, flavour~! ;D

I think my favourite Magic card is this one:

The card itself sucks, but the text for it is just wicked cool! ;D

I'm not sure if that's what you were already thinking though.

My original intention was to add flavor text to all of the cards.. After we playtested it however, people seemed to like the very clean look of the cards, so now i'm not sure.  If it's added it will be very minimal.  And any iconography that gets placed on the cards will be likewise minimal.  This is a game that very much depends on the visceral feeling of working with food, so the food images are the stars.  If it got funded, one of the first tasks would be to hire a professional food photographer and create better photographs for the cards (or purchase rights from somewhere).


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