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Help me Improve my Culinary Card Game for Kickstarter: Cooking Party Cards

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Updated photo in first post.

Photo of the "Assignment" cards:

Once again let me self-promote my open source PythonProtoCards Card Prototyping utilities (written in Python), which allow me to rapidly prototype these kinds of things with an inkjet printer and playing card stock (I use the cards from which are wonderful for this kind of thing).   I have made some updates to the python code to better support large blocks of text like you see in the Assignment cards; I will update the library soon.

Nice work!

(Is there a way to glaze or laminate those cards?)

they are glossy on the back.

one could "sleeve" the cards, or spray with fixer spray to give them a bit of a protection.

sleeving probably makes more sense from a prototype-testing standpoint.

if you want professional feeling/looking cards, then you really need to send them off to printer.. but for prototyping, inkjet printing on these plaincards is economical and fast, and they feel reasonable (because they have glossy playing card backs, they don't feel like plain paper).

Packaged up:


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