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Help me Improve my Culinary Card Game for Kickstarter: Cooking Party Cards

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Stoic Joker:
Good point Ren!

Mine is a bit more targeted at culinary fans, theirs is more targeted at quick family fun.
-mouser (September 05, 2012, 03:35 PM)
--- End quote ---

If it really is too close to risk marketing it yourself ... Any chance they'd buy it from you as a spin-off?


As I said on IRC, I say you go forward with it. Who cares if someone did something similar. Where would we be if Linux had only one distro? Wait....Linux would probably be a lot more user friendly....nevermind...bad example

But yes, Go for it!!

What josh said. All the good ideas for everything are already taken. That doesn't mean you should stop with that idea. If there are too many ideas in same niche that means that niche is responsive.

Paul Keith:
True but it sounds like mouser thinks the niche is different to begin with. Only the aesthetic sound the same.

It might also be worth noting that to my eyes, the core idea isn't the same at all. I don't know why I didn't bother to visit the page but the game doesn't have chef assignments for example.

The game also doesn't have a gameplay mode. This is really the equivalent of saying a Match 3 game is the same as Tetris.

Just to clarify, not sure exactly what you read, but the core ideas seem basically identical:

Players take turn playing the role of judges.
The judge assigns a task to the other players, who draw ingredient cards and then prepare dishes.
The judge then ranks the dishes.

In their basic game, in a bid for objective scoring, they have the "chef" players not describe their dish but instead hand over their ingredients blind to the judge, who then compares the different ingredient lists and chooses one without knowing which chef chose what ingredients.  To me, this kills the most important part of the game, where the players get to describe their dishes and elaborate on the ingredients.

HOWEVER, they mention "my" mode of play (the one where chefs can describe their dishes) explicitly in their list of variants, so it's there.


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