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Apple sues Samsung AGAIN - adds 21 additional devices to list



From the "They're Baaaaack!" department, this news in from The Verge website :-* (full article here.)

Apple turns up the pressure on Samsung, adds more devices to second patent suit
By Bryan Bishop on August 31, 2012 09:55 pm Email Email Larry @bcbishop

Well that didn't take long. A week after its $1.049 billion victory against Samsung, Apple has accused four more products of infringement in its other case against the electronics giant. It's the same lawsuit that targeting the Galaxy Nexus — for which Apple received a temporary injunction before the ban was lifted while Samsung appealed the decision.

According to an amended complaint filed today, Apple is naming "at least 21 new smartphones, media players, and tablets that Samsung has released beginning in August 2011 and continuing through August 2012." (The full list, which actually consists of 22 devices, is reproduced below). Some of the devices named were also part of the just-concluded trial, but are being named here because Apple is citing a different set of utility patents — eight of them in total.
--- End quote ---

Hope Samsung gets sharper attorneys and pays closer attention to jury selection this time around. :-\

I have deleted a lot - this post has been censored massively. Nothing civil to say...

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Patent reform. Shapes and sizes are not ideas.


While Apple's been busy suing everyone back to the Stone Age, Samsung keeps innovating and bringing out better and better phones. And Samsung has the majority of LTE patents in its portfolio, all ready to sue Apple the second they announce their iPhone 5/LTE. If the world doesn't stop this silliness, then it will continue spending more money on lawyers than on innovation. And that means being stuck until some regional, dull-witted judge or jury decides to ignore the next set of jury instructions and award the case to the home team.


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