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Firefox 15 less of a memory hog

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edit: hmm, mistake updating LastPass. Messed up Opera so it wouldn't even load. Had to do restore point. Turns out I don't see any big memory savings anyway. Back to 14.01 for me.
-MilesAhead (August 29, 2012, 10:50 PM)
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I decided to set a restore point and then give Firefox 15 a try.  I'm happy to report that I did not have your experience.  After I installed FFx 15, I used Last Pass, and it worked fine.  I then opened Opera, and Last Pass worked fine there, too.  The Last Pass version that I have is 2.0, which I think I've had for several months.  I didn't need to upgrade to 2.0.2:  2.0 works fine with both FFx 15 and Opera 12.02.

I'm not sure why my experience was different from yours, but I'm glad it was.  :)
-cyberdiva (September 02, 2012, 12:15 PM)
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I'm glad you didn't encounter a glitch. I have interactions with LastPass Firefox and chromium snapshots.  It's hard to tell which one causes the issue.  Could be the chromium snapshot. But FF 14.01, LastPass 2.0, Opera 12.01, and chromium 23.x snapshot I'm using now all peacefully coexist. The FF change to 15 upset the apple cart.

Of course whichever is the primary browser is the one favored when sacrifices have to be made. I'd rather use an old FF than an old chromium.  Opera I mainly use because it has a weirdy feature you can't get anywhere else that's handy on occasion, and for compatibility testing.

Likewise when I get an error in Chromium that the java plugin is out of date, chromium has that functionality built in. It's the one I install to use with FF that's old.

FF v16 on the ß development channel seems to be running nicely on my Win7-64 Home Premium laptop (Intel i7., 8Gb RAM) system. The only difference I can spot between this and the v15 is that:

* (a) One of the cores periodically spikes up to 10 or 15 CPU cycles/sec (process is Firefox.exe), which accelerates the cooling fan for a few moments.
* (b) Only one of my many FF add-ons - the Prospector Awesome Bar #14 - has been disabled by it. (A Mozilla labs project.)

Doesn't appear to run with any lags or problems.

Is there a list of currently active and still developed Mozilla Labs add-ons?

After tinkering around with Chrome, Opera, Maxthon etc. for quite some time now,
i can say that it's the first time in a long while that i find satisfaction using Firefox.

BTW, Google Talk doesn't work for me in Waterfox (i like to make free calls to U.S./Canada).

Is there a list of currently active and still developed Mozilla Labs add-ons?
-Tuxman (September 02, 2012, 03:59 PM)
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The Mozilla labs are described here:
The Prospector bits are here:
I think several of the Prospector bits may have been made obsolete/redundant or been disabled by the later FF v15/16 updates to the Awesome Bar.


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