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Firefox 15 less of a memory hog

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Even worse, i think opting out from installing the "adware/toolbar" i was unable to even run the browser.  :(
I've got Windows 7 Home Ed. 64 bit at present time so it should work just the same no?

-dantheman (September 01, 2012, 09:16 AM)
--- End quote ---
Yes, I was able to opt out and then the new version of Waterfox installed fine. Try it again!

DaddyDave, Waterfox installation worked this time but it uses more resources than Firefox 15.
It also has CPU spikes that i don't see with Firefox.

Tanks anyway.

But i'm really impressed by the overall performance of this Firefox 15!  :Thmbsup:

So i think i'm going to be content for a long time to come.

Ok...just went through my FF add-ons for this machine and disabled Stylish and Tin Eye Reverse Image Search - and now FF15 is flying. (Note: machine is Core2-Duo running @2G/800 w/4Gb RAM)

<<Foul buzzer sounds and 40hz raises his hand so they can get his number>>

Guess I'll have to retract my earlier negative comments and apologize to the FF team. :-[

You're funny 40hz!  :D

Mind you, i haven't finished testing F15 yet.
Still have to see how it responds to 5,000 opened tabs.
I rarely have more than 4 or 5 tabs opened but from what i've read elsewhere,
some people just don't seem to have enough tabs open.  :P

You're funny 40hz!  :D
-dantheman (September 01, 2012, 03:30 PM)
--- End quote ---

I get like that when I'm embarrassed about posting something stupid because I overlooked something obvious. :redface:

re: Tabs

Yeah...I'm amazed by the number some people keep open. Like you I seldom have more than three or four going at a time. And I close them almost as fast as I'm done with them. Still, I guess it's all how you're used to working. I use RSS feeds a lot, and I'll save stuff to either Pocket or Scrapbook so I seldom worry about missing or losing something I want to read. "Different strokes for different folks!" as the old song goes.


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