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I have the same problem exactly as Tinman has written apart from the firewall issue.Although i have had port scan attacks blocked by my firewall around or just after the installation.   maybe coincidental but I rarely have those firewall blocks. had the same problems as tinman regards  to uninstalling.

In my xp sp3 machine i dont have the entry in the context menu.

Looks like a common issue.  :huh:

Paste As File installs fine on win 7 64-bit. Requires admin rights.

The Paste As File menu item on an XP system is on the FOLDER context menu as stated in the help file and on the download page on the website "Notice: Windows XP will have the menu item on the folder context menu, not the background menu."

As for the uninstaller, I'll look into it as I have not had any reports of this before. Might need to set admin for this as well.

Thanks for letting me know!

great  ;D :tellme: :-*


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