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Alternatives to RecentX

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What operating system are you working with?

Is MRU files the most wanted feature?

Do you also need quick "Open..." / "Save as..." navigation shortcuts?

My job computer runs Windows XP.

And yes, the MRU/cache function is what I'm looking for.

At one occasion I hoped for Direct Folders to be an option, but as far as I remember, it had to be installed which I didn't have the privilege for. At my previous job I sometimes used Folder Guide. However, these two applications only deal with folders. The thing with RecentX is that it handles files, folders, programs, as well as URLs.

For a file, you can select/click it in the same way you do in Windows Explorer to open it with the associated program. That's enough, as far as I'm concerned, and what I need.

I haven't used RecentX. Does it only track files opened by it, or does it track all files opened by Explorer/command line?

I used ReOpen (same folks as FolderCache, the next program down on the web page) for awhile before I found Listary.

As far as I can see it tracks any recently used file, folder, program, and website.

I am however not sure if all activity is monitored, or if the MRU concept itself depend on other applications to write these items to disk. But maybe this goes for any caching application. I also haven't a clue if the Windows registry is involved in some way.

I have installed the portable versions of Folder Meny and Listary at home to check them out. Folder Menu seems good enough, it's small, and not asking me to upgrade to a pro-version. Still, they are not really equivalents to RecentX.


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