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Alternatives to RecentX

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Last week, I was told by the IT Department at my job that I could not longer keep RecentX on my computer (not even the portable version). I'd won a licence here at Donationcoder quite a while ago, and it's a small nice utility I use occasionally for finding recently used files (and sometimes folders).

I am trying out Foldercache, but I need something more like what I've been accustomed to. When googling I didn't get any good results, probably because it's not that easy to "explain" the issue to a search engine.

Any suggestions?

There are sites like alternativeto which sometimes can help:

Not sure if any of the ones listed do what you need of course.

Not really.

That's an excellent website, but I'm not looking for another launcher (which is what RecentX also can be used for), but rather something similar in the way you access RecentX (it's tiny toolbar is an always on top window, put aside at the edge of the screen) and the way it displays MRU items.

If you aren't allowed to use RecentX, are you going to be allowed to use another program?  Why won't they let you use RecentX?


RecentX is payware.

Even if I won it in a contest, and it's for my personal use (portable version installed on my computer only), I'm not allowed to use it.

Their license scanning application found it. And maybe RecentX would be found even if used from a USB Stick. On my computer it was installed on C: in an ordinary folder.

I don't think it's worth arguing since it's not an essential application. But it's a pity, since it's free and only used by me.


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