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Synchronisation tools

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Thanks for those links, SyncBack looks nice, definitly more powerful than Synchronize It! EaseBackup looks like its just what I want, I'll give the 30 day trial a spin.

My vote goes to DirSync. It's highly accurate, easy to use, configurable, and doesn't cost a fortune. I sync the crap out of my files using this tool daily. I like SyncBack also, but have found its limitations tiresome. Also, the developer NEVER came out with SyncBack Pro, despite taking my money for the upgrade!

Oh, btw... what about rsync for nix? :)

you know the use of the term "sync" in Eóin's post is somewhat confusing.
2 very different kinds of programs are being talked about here:
1) a sync tool for synchronizing directoris
2) an incremental versioned backup tool

even though Eóin mentions wanting a "sync tool", his description is really for an incremental versioned backup tool:
I’d better explain what I’m looking for first, I want a neat way to backup my programming projects, my ideal tool would perform incremental backups with a possibility to rollback.
--- End quote ---

in this case, you really want to look at that backup review and section and look for a backup tool not a sync tool.

I would like a program that sort of ties in synchronisation and duplicate file finding together.  The synchronisation wouldn't be just between manually selected source and target folders but would also answer the question "Does this "source" file also exist in the target directory or any on its subdirectories?"



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