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IDEA: CD jewel case insert file list

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Some music doesn't deserve to be ripped to flac.  :P

On a slight tangent, production value has such a huge impact on sound quality. For instance, every track this artist releases, [the track linked to streams @128 kbps - the download's @320] sounds just as good, if not better than most mp3s and some lossless files I've heard.


I found the program I have been looking for. It is called MP3 Printer and can be found here;

It is a bargain for me @ $12.00

I just noticed this thread. I think CDBurnerXP default insert printer does a track listing. I think if you burn as a "data" disc then it may copy the filenames and not convert the mp3 to CD audio format.  The default font is pretty small. You may be able to get 70 or 80 lines/filenames on the print out.

But if what you found is ideal then so be it. Other's looking for something similar may want to try CDBurnerXP since it's free.

btw even though it says "XP" I've had no trouble on Vista64 or W7 32 bit.

Given my luck with storing stuff on CDs/DVDs, I wouldn't use them even if my life depended on it. Use a large hard drive -- worst that could happen is that you'd have to digitize your whole collection again.

If you insist on DVDs and haven't found a decent labeler yet, try RonyaSoft CD DVD Label Maker. I know you mentioned you're looking for freeware stuff, but I doubt $20ish is a large investment :)


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