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Winamp plugins and additional useful stuff

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Since we discussed Winamp plugins in various threads I think I should start a topic that focusses on this.

I'm using these plugins for Winamp 5.x:

Toaster, a great track change notifier plugin - I don't like to have Winamp waste desktop space, it's minimized to the tray almost all the time:

DFX - a great quality sound enhancement (DSP) plugin (not just an equalizer!):

PaceMaker - a nice tempo/pitch DSP plugin that allows me to listen to recorded radio shows at 177% of the original speed:

Winamp Advanced Controls:

Mute Hotkey - assign one "global hotkey" to mute/unmute:

MuchFX - originally I wanted something to switch between the two DSP plugins mentioned above, but this plugin even allows me to run them both at the same time! Just one not-so-cool side-effect: PaceMaker's keyboard shortcuts are disabled when using MuchFX - some info:

And of course I *have to* mention Skrommel's IdleMute - it's not a plugin, but a real help if you are (for example) using your PC to play music late in the evenings: /

Toaster, yes. but i probably need to look more into the configurations to get more from it.

Winamp Advanced Controls, yes. got to be the best tray controls for winamp (or any media player). smallest footprint but all the major buttons and a slider that you need, without having to click through a menu.

pacemaker, i've got saved but don't really have a use for it at the moment.

mute tools, don't really need them either at the moment.

DFX, i tried this many moons ago but i've settled for Ozone by iZotope - too many options as far as i'm concerned but the one that i use 'warm and airy' makes pretty much everything sound a thousand times better (i've got a creative labs card with the crystalizer thing on it but it's a joke compared with what Ozone does to the sound).

so what can i suggest...

Amorak. well, i did mention it on the site about a week or two ago and absolutely no one showed any interest in it at all it lets you 'bookmark' individual parts within a track.

Dynamic Library can be useful for browsing your music collection.

other plugins i've removed for the moment.

anyone into the 'visualization' plugins may like this: milkdrop 1.04 (i think it comes with winamp) but remove everything out of the mildrop plugin folder except for 'fiShbRaiN - white scream firefly.milk' then play your favourite 'electronic' music. i say this as 'white scream firefly' is, without doubt, the best graphic equaliser i've seen. it's more like watching the greatest stage light show ever produced (if you have it full screen) or, dare i say it, like staring into the face of some kind of electronic god. shush, i'm sure my computer is trying to communicate something to me right now via the language of light...

(other fiShbRaiN plugins are worth a look - witchcraft looks pretty good to me too.)

here are a few very, very, small screengrabs of 'white scream firefly'.

brothers, i think I tried pacemaker once and I thought the other plugin, chronotron, did it more easily and better.  I love toaster.

@superboyac: I like PaceMaker, it has nice options to avoid the 'chipmunk effect' when speeding up mp3 files. I tried that other plugin you mentioned (and others) too, but PaceMaker worked best.

Amorak. well, i did mention it on the site about a week or two ago and absolutely no one showed any interest in it at all it lets you 'bookmark' individual parts within a track.

anyone into the 'visualization' plugins may like this: milkdrop 1.04
-nudone (April 13, 2006, 01:19 PM)
--- End quote ---
I must have missed your post about Amorak... how does it work? I suppose not by manipulating the mp3 files itself, right? Could you add one or two screenshots to this thread? Winamp's Amorak plugin page doesn't have much details either...

If you like visualisation for the music you play you HAVE TO try BeatHarness! I didn't mention it above because I use it only rarely, but it's pretty cool. You can add cam input (!) and even video files!!


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