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Firefox Spikes

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Firemin might be of help to you.
-dantheman (August 12, 2012, 03:55 PM)
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Almost as stupid as those "memory optimizers" - at least it uses SetProcessWorkingSetSize instead of huge memory allocations, and it only targets firefox... but it's still stupid. It's symptomatic treatment rather than fixing the errors - and it will very likely result in increased pagefile swapping.

Also, there's no date on the download site, so there's no way to tell which version of firefox was around when this application was written. A lot has happened wrt. firefox memory consumption in the later versions, so much that it's now mostly addons that leak. So you're better off figuring out which crappy addons you use, rather than using something like this.

How can you tell which addons are causing memory leaks?
I've read here and there that Adblock Plus is a major culprit.
But, to be honest with you, i don't really notice any leaks.

Did notice that CPU was at max when watching a live video stream but that's another story...

I've noticed - as I'm sure other have - that the latest Flash is not FF friendly on my machine It stays active even when not in use.
I've gone back to an older version.

In the same line of thought, i've been using RAMback on Aurora and it seems to be doing a fine job.

Hmm, the spikes are back so the stuff I did earlier wasn't a real fix.


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