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Happy Birthday C=64

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I can't believe he didn't hook up the 1541 and save that tape drive loading time.  Or even use a cartridge or two. I mean, he could SHOW the tape drive, and START loading a game to demonstrate it's awfulness...

Probably trying to make one of those "When I was your age we had to WALK to school - in the SNOW - and and it was UPHILL - BOTH ways" points.  ;D

Now if he just loaded up a copy of Ultima III  :Thmbsup: or Elite  :-* he might have won a few converts.  :P

Last Ninja was also nice on C64.

Can't remember the name of the game anymore, but I think it required 3 disks and you commander of a team of people. And you commanded a space vessel, you could board other vessels in space, battle in space, travel through solar systems, excavate planets for stuff to buy and sell, enter the planet's cities and houses, trade with the locals etc. Quite extensive, especially for that day and age.

Ah well, enough miles on the the memory lane...soon I'll hit level 60 at Skyrim. 

,8 ,1~! ;D

,8 ,1~! ;D
-Renegade (August 04, 2012, 05:25 PM)
--- End quote ---

A true (old) geek joke :)


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