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Staple of people from State and Europe !

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Hello folks ,
 this is nothing related to program or software issues, all i want to know is that , are their any folks from United States of America or any other country like Europe : would you be kind enough to share your staple diet.
Like i see programs like Discovery , National Geographic and Travel and Living, where they show American people eating bread in many forms and name like hotdogs burger, stakes and dessert where you don't care to remember,
like i am Buddhist and i am from Sikkim (India) a small state actually the second smallest in Sikkim although their are many communities here too, but being a Bhuddist from Bhutia Cummunity our staple diest is rice, morning is fried rice with eggs or whatever remains of the last night supper along with a tea.
During afternoon its Rice, Millet and vegetable or sometine beef meat cooked sometime boiled and served.
Night is the same as afternoon supper.

What would be yours.

You may get a bizarre mix of diets, depending on who chimes in.

I'm originally from Canada (the 51st state of the US :P ), but live in Australia (tasteless jokes omitted :P ). My diet is mostly fruit, vegetables, herbs, spices, rice, bread, chicken, beef, kangaroo (which is great and even preferable to beef). I drink mostly water, coffee (with milk), and a wide variety of alcohol. :P I don't think my diet is typical though. We do not eat any fast food, junk food, canned food, and the amount of processed food in the house is extremely low. It's pretty much all fresh, and organic whenever possible/practical.

Well, time to supplement my diet with another glass of booze before bed~! :P ;D

Stoic Joker:
 :-\ You want dieting tips from the country with the highest percentage of overweight people on the planet ... Are you trying to figure out what not to do??

:-\ You want dieting tips from the country with the highest percentage of overweight people on the planet ... Are you trying to figure out what not to do??
-Stoic Joker (July 17, 2012, 06:41 PM)
--- End quote ---


I went through Houston once... wow... just wow... I'd never seen basketballs walk.

A quick search turns up a few interesting things:

Canada isn't much better. :(

wow Renegade, that a new thing for me, fruits , vege's herbs spices , bread rice, how about some one living in USA, i think a lot of our diet is sometimes governed by religeous teaching or thoughts, really i do mix n match too much of what Renegade just mentioned, but i am not on a stupid diet, but sometimes they show such lovely meals prepared in an American restaurant, and bread ( or wheat) would be their primary base for most of their food item eaten, in one episode the host mentioned that some hotdog item(with some accompaniment's) would serve as a complete meal, for anyone living in that particular city (in that episode).

I like bread too, but sometimes i feel how much american people take dried , non juicy stuffs down their throat.
I mean their has got to something they must be eating some supplement which would fulfill Vit and Minerals intake :

I think a typical house wife could answer this question better. :) :(


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