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Desktop html5 apps. Are there any? Is this a sucessful model?


I know one:
It has taken the R IDE market by storm.
Are there other examples?

I guess the 'ship a webkit browser' method is starting to work.
Not a bad idea at all. Take for example scroll. Browsers do smooth scroll by default. Most desktop apps, including even office don't.
I can't stand non-smooth scroll.

There are other advantages, such as having the web version, mobile, and desktop versions sharing a code base.
What do you think?

Hmm, crickets :)
So I guess there are no others.

There's Pokkie by Sweetlabs...

I'm not all that keen on HTML5. I hate JavaScript as it is, and just find the whole thing a bit, icky. Why not just do a normal application? If you need a browser, stick one in it. With the HTML5 model, you sacrifice a huge amount of power right off the bat. Seems a bit silly to me, and very backwards.

Javascript has changed a lot in the last 5 years.
the most transformative things are happening. One can sorta write large apps on it now.
Testing is ... ok.
CoffeeScript gives you classical inheritance.
Node is much faster than any other thing you may use on the server side for a web app (php, python, ruby).

And... it's on phones. The way things are, you need to think how your app may be used on a tablet or phone. :)


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