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Obfuscating Email Addresses


I came across an excellent post on obfuscating email addresses:

CSS Codedirection 0 MB
<span style="unicode-bidi:bidi-override; direction: rtl;">
[email protected]

CSS display:none 0 MB
xyz<span style="display:none">foo</span>

ROT13 Encryption 0 MB
[email protected]
--- End quote ---

It's kind of not really good for "General Software", but I didn't want to squirrel it away in the Developers Forum where fewer people would see it. It's all pretty simple stuff, and I think most people could use it.

I wrote a utility to do that kind of thing a long time ago:

The methods there aren't all in the article, so I don't know how effective it still is, but my gut tells me that some of them are still very strong. (Due to the massive CPU requirements for some of them.)

Anyways, there's more there at the link above.


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