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The Bibbulmun Track: There and Back again in 100,000 words (or less)


Perry Mowbray:
Last year our respective works graciously allowed Sandi and I (Sandi is my wife) to take leave to walk the Bibbulmun Track: We were absent for a couple of months (most of the time putting one foot in front of the other on the track), and  last week I posted the last day of our walk diary on our Blog and a short summary. It's been 8 months since finishing the walk, 10 months after starting the walk and an amazing 16 months since starting the initial planning.  During the break we diarised 44,416 words and took 9,621 photographs (most of which were on the track): these have been turned into 58 Blog Posts with 99,500 words and 4,359 photographs (no wonder it's taken 8 months and forced me to become a recluse ;-) ).
Experiences like the Bibbulmun are important for our sanity (…well, what we’ve got left).

I am overwhelmed by the numbers of our experience though:
1journey2people12camp grounds35kg food eaten53overnights143SPOT messages316hours of walking1,021kilometres of track5,223total $cost9,106photographs taken44,416words written49,036metres skipped down49,407metres trudged up90,919GPS points recorded1,215,573footsteps walked
Everything is collated on our Bibbulmun page: The Bibbulmun Track :: The Mowbray Version, which has a lot of stuff on it (both fun and helpful - just in case you may need it)!  The walk is grouped into the 8 weeks, and the 4K of photos have been published into subject albums: Flora (North & South), Orchids, Fauna, The Track, Trees (and Stumps), Fungi and Panoramas.

Some time ago I shared our time-lapse (from these slides), which was lots of fun, and generated quite a bit of comment – it does reveal our feelings at the beginning and end of the day:

Thanks to everyone for their support and interest (Mouser -- you were very quickly off the mark  8)): it was great fun and lots of fun remembering too…  Like I wrote in Albany "The walk has finished ... I hope it doesn't end"  :Thmbsup:

I'm just amazed at how you embraced this gargantuan project. I know I shouldn't have been surprised given how you tackled the other projects I've seen you work on, but still.. Many people talk the talk, few people walk the walk.  It's just been very cool and impressive to see in action.  Your journey reminds me of the real scientific explorers of our past, documenting details for future generations..  Thank you for sharing it with us.


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